Looking for history-related crowdsourcing projects for new site

I’m in the first stages of putting together a new site, helpinghistory.com, intended to help connect history lovers with online history-related projects in which they can participate. I’m currently looking for suggestions for projects to include on the site. Projects must have activities (such as transcribing, tagging, or adding comments) that take place entirely online. Project sites must also be available in English, although translation projects are welcome. I would prefer projects that do not draw upon specific local knowledge (such as identifying local residents), but rather ones in which people from anywhere in the world might be able to help.

I have already populated the site with many of the most prominent crowdsourcing projects, but I’m sure there are many great opportunities that should be included. If you know of one, please let me know and I’ll add it. The site is still under development, so the design is still in flux. I am hoping to give it a more formal launch in 2015.

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