Your Cats & Dogs from the Archives can help the Cleveland Animal Protective League!

Knowing how much archivists love their own cats, dogs, and other pets, our colleague Caryn Radick decided to explore ways our community could help a local animal shelter in conjunction with the SAA annual meeting in Cleveland this August. In addition to onsite opportunities to help, Caryn and I have teamed up to host a virtual battle royale between your cats and dogs from the archives!

On or about July 24 we’ll launch a March Madness style competition, in which your donations to the Cleveland Animal Protective League will allow you to vote for your favorite images of cats and dogs from the archives. We’ll start out with a “sweet 16” and by the week before the SAA meeting it will be down to the top cat and top dog battling it out for supremacy, with the winner announced on August 21. We’ll follow up with more information about how you can vote, but for now we need you to send in the best images of dogs and cats your collections have to offer.  Please send an image or a link (with no copyright restrictions, please) to kate.theimer [@] no later than Wednesday, July 22. We’ll do the hard work of selecting the final animals for the competition, and then announce how you can support your favorites, and more importantly, support the great work of the Cleveland Animal Protective League!


1) Yes, you can send in more than one image. But please try to have only cats or dogs in each. We’re all in favor of inter-species fraternization, but not for this competition!

2) Submissions from outside the U.S. are welcomed.

3) Please provide an appropriate credit line for your image.

4) What about other animals, you ask? If this goes well, next year may see the top dog or cat take on all comers! So save your pictures of goats, horses, birds, and other remarkable creatures for next time.

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4 thoughts on “Your Cats & Dogs from the Archives can help the Cleveland Animal Protective League!”

  1. So great! Would love to know more about how this will support the CAPL – perhaps as a model for other efforts?

  2. Hi Marisa,

    Our plan—subject to tweaking–is that we’ll ask people to donate a certain amount to the CAPL in order to buy the right to vote. (People can donate on their site via Paypal or send a check, of course, I think.) Right we’re thinking $2 a vote. It’s all on the honor system, of course. And since it will be a March Madness kind of thing, there will be several rounds, so people can decide how they want to “spend” their votes. All of them for the same animal, all the way to end? Just dogs? Just cats? One vote per matchup per round? It’s up the donor. (So if you make your donation at the beginning, and it’s $50, you can be strategic about how to deploy those 25 votes.) CAPL also has an Amazon wishlist and I think people will also be able to drop off things like food and blankets in person at the SAA meeting as well. So you can count the dollar value of those for your votes too. There’s no way to police it, so hopefully people who love animals (and archives) aren’t going to be big cheaters.

    We haven’t quite worked out the details, but that was the general idea. Let’s hope it works!

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