Round Two: 16 contenders for Top Cat and Top Dog from the Archives

Yes, it was painful to see some of them go. George will always live in my heart. But, this is a competition, and we have to move forward. So now there are only 16 animals competing for our top spot. Will it be the dog on the donkey? The puppy on the motorcycle? The cat in the rocking chair? Ernest Hemingway’s well-fed cat? Only you will decide.

Again, before you vote, please review the Rules post and remember that we’re doing this to benefit the Cleveland Animal Protective League. If you’re voting, you need to donate.

Voting for this round will remain open until 5 pm EST on Saturday, August 8. Below you will see 8 brackets with 8 cats and 8 dogs competing. (To see a larger version of any image, click on it.) Round Three  is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, August 9.

Remember to check in on the Dogs From the Archives and Cats from the Archives Tumblr blogs over the coming weeks to see the animals who were not selected for the competition, and some who are now sitting on the sidelines, like my friend George.

Based on our first round, if you’re all donating as much as you’re voting, we’ll raise a lot of money for the Cleveland APL, and that will be a beautiful thing. Now, you know what to do: vote, share, and donate!


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