The Final Four: Who will be crowned Top Dog and Top Cat from the Archives?

My beloved Pleiku did not make it through, alas. Apparently y’all love your dogs on things. And kittens reigned supreme in your eyes. It’s the final match-up of dog vs. dog and kitten vs. kitten before we move to the contentious dog vs. cat from the archives showdown.

If this is your first time voting, please review the Rules post and remember that we’re doing this to benefit the Cleveland Animal Protective League. If you’re voting, you need to donate. And if you’ve donated, get in touch with Caryn and let her know how much so that we can track how successful this little fundraiser has been.

Voting for this round will remain open until 5 pm EST on Monday, August 17. Below you will see 2 brackets with 2 cats and 2 dogs competing. (To see a larger version of any image, click on it.) On Tuesday, August 18 the Top Dog and Top Cat will face off to decide who wins it all!

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