The Cleveland Animal Protective League–and Biker Dog–win! Thanks to your generosity.

There was some strenuously campaigning on the ground at #SAA15 in Cleveland, but in the end it was the dog–nicknamed Biker Dog–who emerged victorious. And, more importantly, the Cleveland APL is also a winner, to the tune of $3,310 over $3,400, according to the donations you reported. I don’t think this includes the many items dropped off onsite in Cleveland, including lovingly knitted blankets for our animal friends. If you still need to donate to the Cleveland APL to “pay” for your votes, consult the Rules post for ways to make that donation.

Picture of dog with man on motorcyle
“Bikes can be seen in abundance in Athens fall and spring quarter. Slid, the puppy, rides on Tridder’s bike all the time.” From the Spectrum Green yearbook, 1981. Ohio University Libraries.


Thanks, all, again, for your participation, enthusiasm, and donations. While Biker Dog won out in the end, I think the Adorable Kitten was the winner of many hearts, as were all the animals who vied for the crown.

Perhaps it was the information Janet Carleton shared about Biker Dog’s companion in the photo, Michael “Strider” Hayes, that helped put them over the top:

Strider was infamous. He was known for his love of motorcycles, music, and making mischief. He was a hero several times over, having served in the armed forces as well as risking his own life multiple times to save friends and strangers. While Strider was well known for embellishing his life story, he did tour with Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, The Grateful Dead, Guns N Roses, Metallica, and Genesis, just to name a few. He spent many years protecting drunken Halloween celebrants from themselves during The Block Party, and once worked security for The Pope. But the best of his accomplishments are his two beautiful Amazonian children.
Feared by many, loved by most, respected by all


Here’s a link to the full obituary for Strider.

If you enjoyed this competition please be sure to thank Caryn Radick–who came up with the idea of helping a local shelter–and also Amy Schindler, who advised on this effort and also helped Caryn and me narrow down the list of final contestants. Thanks to the SAA Host Committee for the Cleveland meeting for their support as well.

And, yes, we may do this again next year to help a shelter in Atlanta, in conjunction with #SAA16. If so, I think we’ll be asking you to submit images from all the rest of the animal kingdom. So be on the lookout for lions, tigers, bears, goats, horses, birds, fish, snakes, marine mammals, rabbits, wombats, kangaroos, sheep, and other adorable friends for a possible cat and dog free showdown!


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