Time to submit your best Animals From the Archives photos to help Atlanta-based animal rescue group!

It’s back!

You loved it last year and contributed over $3,400 to the Cleveland Animal Protective League to help push Biker Dog to victory in the first ever Dogs and Cats from the Archives competition.  But this year, we’re going bigger. That’s right. This year photos of ANY AND ALL ANIMALS from your archival collections will compete to win the top spot, and become the King or Queen of the Archival Animal Kingdom.

As you may remember from last year’s competition between cats and dogs, our colleague Caryn Radick was inspired to explore ways our archival community could help a local animal shelter in conjunction with the SAA annual meeting in Cleveland last August. In addition to onsite opportunities to help, Caryn and I teamed up to host a virtual battle royale between your cats and dogs from the archives, and it was a howling success, so we’re taking it on to Atlanta this year.

So now it’s time for you to begin searching your collections for your favorite animal (or animals—groups are fine).  It will work basically the same as it did last year, but here are the details:

On or about July 11 we’ll launch a March Madness-style competition, in which your donations to the Atlanta animal rescue organization Furkids will allow you to vote for your favorite images of animals from the archives. We’ll start out with a “sweet 16” and by the week before the SAA meeting it will be down to one top animal from each bracket battling it out for supremacy, with the winner announced on August 5. We’ll follow up with more information about how you can vote, but for now we need you to send in the best images of animals your collections have to offer.  Please send an image or a link (with no copyright restrictions, please) to kate.theimer [@] gmail.com no later than Wednesday, July 6. We’ll do the hard work of selecting the final animals for the competition, and then announce how you can support your favorites, and more importantly, support the great work of Furkids!


1) Yes, you can send in more than one image. But no more than five per institution, please!

2) Submissions from outside the U.S. are welcomed.

3) Please provide an appropriate credit line for your image.

4) Any and all combinations of animals are welcomed, but we’re going to limit it to photographs of living animals. So no illustrations from books or paintings this time around.

Any questions, just ask and enjoy scouring your collections for your finest furred, feathered, and scaled friends!


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