Table of Contents for ArchivesNext book, and see me at #saa17 if you want a bookmark

UPDATE: The book is now available on Amazon (Kindle version coming soon): I still have some bookmarks, so if you’re keen for one or two, let me know. It’s a pretty good book. I think you’ll enjoy reading. 

See, I told you that wouldn’t be the last post. I’m at SAA in Portland right now, handing out promotional bookmarks (featuring Biker Dog) like a mad woman.

Here’s the table of contents for the Selections from ArchivesNext book, which again should be available in a couple of weeks. It’s 70 posts, and I think does a fair job of representing the past decade. (If you’ve been reading me from the beginning that makes you feel old, doesn’t it?)


Getting Warmed Up

So, What’s Going on Here?

What is the “archives” brand?

What do archivists want?

What is our core identity, or, can we all fit under one big tent?

An Archivist’s 2.0 Manifesto?

Social Media and the Web         

“Getting the real work done”

NARA and the web harvest: a discussion of the issues

The role of blogs in professional discourse in the archival profession

Archivists and blogging, the conversation continues

An amazing Flickr success story: “maybe you found a photo of Phineas Gage? If so, it would be the only one known.”

Why are effective use of social media and participatory technologies critical? Winners of the book giveaway contest

The Archival Profession               

Vision (or lack of it) is the most critical issue facing the archival profession

A twisted mass of issues – the rest of my list

Two examples of how the future of archives is in connecting

Archival organizations provide advice to Obama Transition Team: Good news and bad news

My Version of Trendswatch 2012: The Archives Edition

Honest tips for wannabe archivists out there

The role of “the professional discipline” in archives and digital archives

Archives Writ Large

Archives are a luxury

Archives 2.0?

This is what I’m talking about: MPLP = Archives 2.0

Why we need to find a term to replace “citizen archivist”

A seeming consensus about a definition for “citizen archivist” and the continued need for a different term (also, a brief discussion of one of the next big challenges facing archives)

Horrors! The archives have been hacked! Wait–that’s a good thing.

The increasingly common use of “archive” as a verb

The problem with the scholar as “archivist,” or is there a problem?

Video available from Emory University: “Salman Rushdie Discusses Creativity and Digital Scholarship with Erika Farr ” (and also his archives)

Two meanings of “archival silences” and their implications

Debate: The majority of users don’t care about provenance. They just want access to information.

“Well done”: When context of records matters

A different kind of “archival silence”: “we are in the middle of a selective recreation of inherited culture”

Participatory Archives  

Clark Shirky on how to successfully (or unsuccessfully) attract online collaborators

Four “places” for archives to interact with users

Building participatory archives

The Future of Archives is Participatory: Archives as Platform, or A New Mission for Archives

Responding to Mike’s comments, and should I put this on a t-shirt?

Asking Smart People What They Think (or, Posts by Guest Bloggers)     

Richard Cox shares his thoughts on the future of archives

Kathleen Roe shares her thoughts on challenges/opportunities

Terry Baxter’s words of wisdom for the new year

Christine Di Bella’s candidates for greatest challenge and opportunity

Amy Cooper Cary: Challenge & opportunity are the same–diversify our future

Dan Santamaria shares some thoughts on the recent MPLP discussions

Our Friends, the Historians        

Reflections on “Archiving Social Media”

Archivists and historians—Am I giving archivists too much credit?

Some observations on the “archival divide,” or what I said at AHA about historians and archivists

Antoinette Burton’s perspective on the “archival divide:” remarks delivered at AHA

Peter Wosh’s thoughts on the “archival divide”: remarks delivered at AHA

Anything new here for archives? “Supporting the Changing Research Practices of Historians”

Yes, Archivists Have a Sense of Humor. Really.

You guys really don’t like Sharpies–the #badarchivists Twitter meme

The last of the #badarchivists

The archivist’s romance novel contest: What would you do if you were in her frumpy shoes?

Winners of the Archivist Romance Novel Contest: It’s the Romantics vs. the Cold-Hearted Career Women

Cerulean Pools vs. Archives-Made Shivs: The Honorable Mentions in the Archivist Romance Novel Contest

The OverlyHonestArchivists tweets

Things I Published or Said When Standing Behind a Podium      

What is the Meaning of Archives 2.0? (Article available)

“Archives in Context and as Context” in Journal of Digital Humanities

My talk from #AHA14: A Distinction worth Exploring: “Archives” and “Digital Historical Representations”

“Now is what matters”: My first official appearance as an “agent provocateur” at the Canadian Archives Summit

What is the Professional Archivist’s Role in the Evolving Archival Space? (A talk given in Christchurch, NZ)

Gaps in the Past and Gaps in the Future: Archival Silences and Social Media – #acaubc2016 talk

My #ACA2016 plenary: It’s the end of the archival profession as we know it, and I feel fine

Getting Personal, Doing Good  


So, what’s going on here? (Independence Day edition)

Spontaneous Scholarships for SAA Annual Meeting: How to give, how to apply

Update on Spontaneous Scholarship Effort–Deadline to give extended & we’ll keep giving until we run out of money

2 weeks, 94 generous people, 26 happy people–Summing up the Spontaneous Scholarships

Crunching numbers on the Spontaneous Scholarships & where you can find me at #saa14

Dogs & Cats from the Archives to benefit the Cleveland Animal Protective League: The Rules

The Cleveland Animal Protective League–and Biker Dog–win! Thanks to your generosity.

Epilogue, or, Choose the Bigger Life

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