The book is available! You should buy it NOW!

I hope you’ll excuse my enthusiasm. I suppose I should have a more dignified tone, but what the hell. You can purchase Well, What Came Next? Selections from ArchivesNext, 2007-2017 in print or as an ebook on Amazon. You can see the table of contents in the previous post.

It’s been a wonderful process, reviewing ten years of blog posts, going through old memories and seeing how much has changed, for archives and me. I think I’ve captured a thoughtful summary of the evolution of my own thinking as well as a snapshot of the archival profession during that eventful decade. It’s a damn good book, and I’m proud of it. I had better be, since I’m self-publishing it, and so am responsible for the whole thing. And, given that I don’t have a publisher to promote the book for me, I’d appreciate any help I can get in spreading the word. You can order it for your organization’s library, of course, through Amazon.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, either through guest posts, feedback, and advice over the years. Hope you enjoy the book!



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