A little hectic

I just realized that my schedule is about get a little hectic, so posts will be sporadic for a while. In the meantime, here are a bunch of links to keep you distracted from the stuff you should probably be doing.

  • The Pew Internet & American Life Project has released a number of interesting reports recently, including this one on “Adults on Social Network Sites, 2005-2009.” Take a look at this one and the one on Twitter usage if you need to find some stats to justify having your archives’ activity on these kinds of sites.
  • And, in case you missed it, both Google and Bing have signed deals to include Twitter updates in their search results, and Bing also has a deal with Facebook.
  • And, yes, it’s confirmed “Mobile Web is Taking Over the World“–this from the Mashable post describing a presentation at the Web 2.0 Summit: “Morgan Stanley analyst Mary Meeker led a speedy and high-charged presentation over Internet trends. The data and stats packed in her 68 page presentation is nothing short of mind-boggling.” The whole presentation is available via that Mashable post.
  • From “The Uncataloged Museum” blog, a post called “Whipped Cream and a Cherry on Top” about what kinds of skills will be necessary to thrive in the future.
  • NARA is seeking to shrink research space and services at its downtown DC building, according to a post on the National Genealogical Society’s blog. I didn’t see any links in that post to any background information on this decision, and it would surprise me if NARA would propose this without releasing any kind of study or report to back up their decision. Does anyone know if more information is available? UPDATE: Right after I posted this I learned from NARA’s new Twitter account that a press release has been issued correcting this “erroneous information.”
  • Via Roger Ebert on Twitter, “Europa Film Treasures,” a site that allows you to watch the treasures of European cinema online for free. The site is “based on a partnership with the most prestigious archive resources and film archives in Europe.”
  • From Eastman’s Online Genealogy Newsletter, a link to “A Collection Of Pre-1930 Awkward Family Photos.” Which reminds me …
  • I’ve been having fun creating galleries in Flickr of images from archives, special collections, etc. So far I’ve featured elephants, dogs, goats, typewriters, and umbrellas. Yes, I think the dogs one will require a sequel. Enjoy and if you have a suggestion for a new gallery, let me know.
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