State Library of Massachusetts now in danger–what you can do

Found via Twitter, from the State Library of Massachusetts blog, quoted in its entirety:

Save the State Library of Massachusetts

At a press conference on Thursday, October 29, the Governor’s Office announced that Governor Patrick is considering closing the State Library of Massachusetts as a cost-saving measure. This closure will have a monumental impact on the cultural heritage of the Commonwealth.

Open to the public since 1826, the State Library has developed comprehensive collections in the areas of government documents, law, Massachusetts history, and public and current affairs. From the Bradford manuscript “Of Plimoth Plantation” to the ever-expanding digital repository, the State Library has collected items of crucial importance to the record of Massachusetts’ historical wealth.

Please sign the petition to ensure that Massachusetts’ heritage continues to remain freely accessible to all members of the public. To contact the Governor’s Office directly, please visit If you would like to make a donation, please visit the Friends of the State Library page at

Posts like these will be more and more common, I’m afraid, but if you live in Massachusetts please take a minute to make your views known and pass along this sad news as widely as you can.

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5 thoughts on “State Library of Massachusetts now in danger–what you can do”

  1. I am horrified to hear this news and have posted about it on my Facebook page and tweeted it too. Please make this a viral issue! Once you stop caring for your heritage and your most treasured documents, you stop being a civilized society.Closing of MA library would be sure sign that best days of the US are behind it. This is appalling and has massive ramifications for our society!

  2. Thanks for posting the information about the State Library of Massachusetts. Many bloggers – including genealogy bloggers – were involved with the fight to save the Michigan State Library these past few months and were successful.

    We’ve developed a badge for people to post on blogs, websites, Facebook pages, etc. Please take a look and snag the badge and use it as you see fit.

  3. The closing of the State Library of Massachusetts would be a terrible mistake. All the information shared with all the people visiting the library is beyond measurement in money. I am sure that there will be enough people speaking for the preservation of the library and prevent the intention of closing the State Library of Massachusetts. If there is need for cost-saving it should be made somewhere else. I agree with Melissa that if stop caring about your heritage and the documents, it is a step back from a civilized society. There has to be made large efforts in stopping the planning of closing the library!

  4. It is such a shame that people don`t have the urge needed in order to save these kinds of monumentally and historically important and valuable buildings. This specific library is definitely not the only one in danger. The libraries, especially the old ones, bring such value to the people around them and it accures in so many ways. These libraries usually make a huge difference regarding the whole city, its culture and the peoples´ civilisation . These intensions to destroy these types of buildings and abolish their action is unbelievable. Is there really no other way to cut costs?

  5. How do they close libraries? In my opinion these buildings should not disappear, they should be opening more! I can’t understand closing a state law library and less as a cost-saving. They can not forbid the citizens of the state from accessing their own history. Now, the sign of petitions is closed but I would have liked to join in.

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