Follow-ups and things of interest from around the Web

I’ve got the nasty cold that making its way around the East Coast, but I can’t resist posting some follow-ups and things of interest:

  • Dan Santamaria has posted audio, powerpoint, and supplementary files from the presentation by Ellen Fleurbaay and Marc Holtman (of the City of Amsterdam Archives) at Princeton University on November 2, 2009 here. This is essentially the same presentation they gave at MARAC, but if you’re interested you should take a look at all the supplemental materials available here, including the project report. Thanks, Dan!
  • As you’ve probably already heard, last Friday David Ferriero was confirmed by the Senate to serve as the next Archivist of the United States. Everyone I’ve talked to about him says he’s going to be fantastic.
  • There were two unrelated posts on blogs written by relatively new archivists that you might want to look at: Librarians, archivists, money, and a Lost Generation by Audra at The Touchable Archives blog and Feeling Inadequate? You’re Not Alone! by guest blogger Bria Parker on the New Archivist blog.
  • And, from Mashuable, Seven of the Most Inspiring Videos on the Web.
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