And the award goes to . . .

Yeah, I know, that post was too long. So this one will be short.

To try to help raise the visibility of archives actually doing good work with web technology, I’m going to do two things next week.

1) I’m going to contact the editors at American Archivist and volunteer to do regular reviews of archival resources on the web. (Note that this doesn’t appear to be within their current editorial policy: “The Reviews department evaluates books and other archival literature as well as the tools and products of archival activity such as finding aids, microfilm editions, audiovisual materials, exhibits, and computer software.” Nothing about web resources. Wish me luck!)

2) I’m going to contact the chairs of the SAA Awards Committee and propose a new award to recognize excellence and innovation in delivering information about archival materials or programs on the web. (Similar to the “Best of the Web” awards that get given out at the Museums & the Web conference.) I’m not too optimistic about this one, but I’m going to give it a shot. I’ll volunteer to do any work they need done to get it going. If anyone has any words of advice on this, let me know.

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