It’s awards season, and ArchivesNext is jumping on the bandwagon!


Drumroll please . . .

ArchivesNext is proud to announce our first annual Best Archives on the Web awards. We will be recognizing excellence in three categories:

Best Use of Web 2.0 Technologies

Best Online Archival Exhibition

Best Total Web Experience

We will be accepting nominations until midnight EST on Friday, February 8. The winners will be announced on Saturday, February 23 (the day before the Oscars). Since this is our first year and we aren’t sure how many nominations we will receive, the panel will also be actively seeking out sites to include in the judging. The majority of the text on the site must be in English and nominees must be archival organizations or history organizations with a significant archival component, including archives which are part of larger organizations such as universities or museums. (If you’re not sure if your nominee qualifies, go ahead and send it in and we’ll let you know.)

To nominate a site or sites, email the link to “info[at]”. (I cannot guarantee that if you leave a link in a comment that it won’t get caught in my spam filter, and I really don’t want to have to go through that garbage.) Nominate as many sites as you want, including your own. No additional information is necessary, although if there is anything you’d like to share about the site, please go ahead.

Even though the nominees won’t have a glamorous red carpet entrance, or Jon Stewart hosting a live telecast, I hope you’ll do your part to make our first year a big success.

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2 thoughts on “It’s awards season, and ArchivesNext is jumping on the bandwagon!”

  1. A couple of items for your Archives & Web 2.0 technologies page: the Notman Photographic Archives, part of the McCord Museum at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, allows tagging of individual cataloged photographs. A free account is required in order to add tags. The URL for the museum is

    The other big item that’s missing from your list in the wikis category, and this is a first, is the National Archives of the UK’s “Your Archives” wiki (

    Keep up the great work Kate!

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for suggesting the Notman site. I’ve added it to the list under “tagging.” I couldn’t believe I had overlooked the UK wiki, and I hadn’t. It’s the first one under “wikis”, but I added the name “Your Archives” so it might stick out a little more.

    Thanks also to your blog for promoting the Archives of Ontario channel on YouTube–that doubled the size of the YouTube section!

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