It’s official: U.S. National Archives now part of the Flickr Commons

Just saw a reference to this on Twitter, with a link to this post on the indicommons blog:

Welcome the U.S. National Archives to the Commons!

New to the Commons today ‘but with months of uploads to contribute’ is the U.S. National Archives. Thanks to President Franklin Roosevelt’s foresightedness and the Archives’ persistence in the difficult job of selecting from the vast quantity of material produced by the U.S. Government every year that portion which will be ‘of continuing value’, the U.S. National Archives’ Commons collection is already almost 4,000 images strong.

And what a collection it is–“ nearly 500 photographs by the great Civil War photographer Mathew Brady; a wide-ranging selection of photographs from the Environmental Protection Agency’s 1970s photography project DOCUMERICA, organized by photographer; 220 photographs, made available today, by the incomparable Ansel Adams; and so much more. […]

I thought this was in the works so it’s nice to see that it’s finally been formalized.

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